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Please contact on info@blogposts.in for advertising. Though raw/cbi continue to make fake claims about the online accounts, bank account of the domain investor , the domain investor has a quora profile with more than 1 million page views exposing banking, online fraud in the indian internet sector . She does not post often on quora due to high censorship levels while there is almost no censorship of website content on domains she owns, except banning them in India, though quora is a source of useful information

Quora is an interesting source of information on relationships among the english speaking upper middle class. A surprisingly high number of indians have extra marital affairs and they are also willing to share the information online with people they do not know. It is a good source of gossip for people who lead extremely boring lives, do not interact with others.

The other interesting information on quora is on sugar daddies and sugar babies. Though the raw, cbi, ntro, sugar daddies and sugar babies are keeping their mouth shut, and not personally sharing their experience (the domain investor has written extensively on ntro sugar babies like hotpant wearing sunaina chodan), the sugar babies of businessmen are sharing the details of their scandalous lives. The businessmen have plenty of money, yet no one falsely labels them a security threat

There are many indians who are also willing to share the intimate details of their married lives on quora, why they got married, why they got divorced, why they having affairs with others, wife swapping and other similar stories. so to get the latest news on relationship, check the quora answers.

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